“Before I enrolled with PT College, I worked construction for almost 10 years. I worked seasonal construction and had to work out of town all summer long. Not really able to have a life. One day I feel ill, diagnosed with ovarian cancer and having to end my career working construction. After a few years getting my health back on track, I finally pushed myself to go back to school but I was scared of the big colleges and didn’t really want to be in school for years. I happen to come across an ad from PT College promoting the PSW program with St. Joseph’s Care Group. I never thought of being a PSW, but I wanted to challenge myself and the fact that the program was less then six months to finish and you get a full time job right after you graduate, I was willing to try, and I’m glad I did. The teachers were great, the classrooms were comfortable and there were only nine students in my class. All great ladies that I’m still friends with today. The class work was challenging but just right and to the point with the PSW’s roll in the healthcare field. Placement was fun and you learn a lot. This week I start my full time job for St. Joseph’s Care Group at one of their long term care nursing home!”

Personal Support Worker Graduate

 “What an amazing opportunity it was attending and graduating from Progressive Training College! I began my program Human Resources, Business Management & Business Administration in April of 2018. I had looked into a few other colleges and it scared me to think about being lost in a classroom full of students. At Progressive Training College, it was small classrooms with your instructor and you had the support of all staff.  I hadn’t been in school for 19 years, and the thought about the homework and lectures on subjects I had never done in school was frightening, yet exciting all at the same time. I set a goal to achieve honours at the end of my program.  I am not going to lie, it was not just a breeze in the park, it was dedication, determination, communication and support that help me through my program. I even had a few moments where I thought “WOW should I even be doing this, should I really be in this program”?   My instructors listened to my fears, to my concerns and self doubt and they helped me to focus on my strengths and draw from them, and they helped to build my confidence and encourage me to believe in myself as they all believed in me. Help was available at all times and the support was absolutely incredible! I graduated my program with honours!   I am currently working full-time in a field related to my program and I feel on top of the world!   I am very thankful for opportunity to attended such a supportive college with amazing staff! Thank-you Progressive Training College for building the confidence and educating me with the skills to achieve my goals!”

Melissa L.
Human Resources, Business Management & Business Administration Graduate

“Last September I made a really difficult choice and decided to go back to school at 40 yrs old, never would I have thought I would be making that decision but I did! I had signed up with another second career college in my city and was given the run around for three months from the start of classes, I finally decided to just give up, maybe this wasn't in the cards for me, and maybe not meant to be. Just when I thought my career choice was over, a PTC ad came up on Facebook and was advertising the PSW program that would be starting in a months time. When I spoke to this women on the phone and she reassured me that I could get into the upcoming course I was over the moon with excitement, that was the beginning of the best six months of my life. I met the most amazing people that I love so much, I was taught so much about being a PSW and I learned a lot about myself, and that voice that answered my call that day was Kathie who was the most inspiring teacher, she was not only a great teacher she has become a life long friend along with everyone else I hold dear to my heart. As of October 2018, I am a graduate of PTC Thunder Bay, I have both a full-time and a casual position as a PSW, and I am doing what I love to do. Thank you for changing my life!”

Patty Decicco-Johnson
Personal Support Worker Graduate

 “Without Progressive Training College’s supportive, and kind approach to teaching, I do not believe I would have been able to integrate back into school as successfully as I did. With all the care and guidance that I had received from my teacher Sarah, I was able to attain my Microsoft Office Specialist Certificates in WORD, EXCEL, and ACCESS. Even after graduating from my program I find myself missing the understanding and empathy I received when in their care. Thank you so much PTC, you helped me regain confidence in myself again and provided me with a supportive environment that I needed to PROPERLY get the skillset I needed to succeed in my career. Thank you!”

Joseph G.
Microsoft Office Specialist Graduate

 “I definitely recommend people to take this course. The classes are small which there's more one on one if u have difficulty in school like I do. They make it fun while learning, I also like how they do all class room book work first and then placement. I always struggled in school and when I took this course I was a little terrified because I wanted to succeed in life and go somewhere. When I took this course I enjoyed every minute of it and I even passed with honours. I know if I took this course at Sault College I know I would have never passed. Over all I recommend PTC and I loved being there.”

Tabatha Lynn

 “Hello everyone out there..I decided to attend progressive training college psw program to better myself and to continue working with the elderly as I have previously done for many years as a health care aide. I honestly cannot say I have 1 favorite experience. I have Many. From the teachers at the college to my experience in Long term care.. attending PTC gave me the opportunity to fulfill my career choice all over again. Thank you so much. I highly recommend PTC to anyone wanting and searching for a great place to learn.”

Donna Williamson

 “I liked the short length of time 23 weeks, good learning experience and small class size.”

Chelsea Rayner

 “PTC is one of the best colleges for career enhancement. Small class size, individual student care and practice based training are some of the beauties of this college. Co-operative teacher and good learning environment made me success for PSW course. I strongly recommend everyone to join PTC without any reservation to get success.”

Shanta Bhandari Sapkota

 “I recommend PTC to everyone. Classes are small so more one on one. I find my teacher tried to help each of us based on our skills. I took the class because my mom is in this line of work and comes home daily saying how much she loves her job. When my grandmother passed away it made me want to do this even more. I love the elderly.”

Kassandra Wipp

 “I went to PTC for my 50th birthday. I made the decision to go to school and change my path. I loved it! From the class room to the hands on, I loved every minute of it! I would study hard with other students, and worry like crazy when doing a test, when there was nothing to worry about. When we went to assisted living and LTC it was like having a whole bunch of grandmas and grandpas. Looking after them was my calling! I would like to thank Progressive Training College for the opportunity to better my life. For teaching me all there was to caring for the elderly. I am so happy with my career and to say I love being a PSW, and it's because of PTC.”

Heather Graham

 “Enjoyed the relaxed teaching environment and small class size.”

Pamela PJ

 “I had some previous experience in long term care so becoming a PSW was my goal. I did quite a bit of research between PTC and two other schools regarding the curriculum, cost, length of the program and placement locations. Progressive won hands down. Unlike larger classes, PTC has small classes which gives you more time with your instructor. I loved the nutrition module as I'm sure all my classmates did as well but my favourite part was the placement. I was so nervous but after the first day I knew it was right. I was able to see so many familiar faces again in the LTC facility and made so many friendships through the community placement. I knew I was home.”

Reena Kay